How to Hire in a Competitive Job Market

With unemployment so low, companies are struggling to find people with the needed skills. Because the job market is so competitive, companies need to find creative ways to lure workers.

The first incentive that comes to mind is naturally salary. And that certainly can draw in people. But there is a limit to how far businesses can go with salary increases, especially smaller businesses that may lack the resources to increase compensation levels significantly. Here are a few other ways to attract workers.

1. Being creative with perks

Companies can attract more workers by offering a broader array of incentives, and enticements other than compensation. For example, firms could offer workers greater flexibility in their scheduling, more flexibility in where they work, increased career growth and development opportunities, more room for advancement within the company, or more vacation time.

2. More networking

Companies can recruit more people by using referrals. They can encourage employees, customers, vendors, and even friends and relatives of workers to suggest names of people they know who might be good candidates for open positions.

3. Advertising jobs where it counts

For example, many social media sites have online platforms where people in various professions or industries can gather and exchange opinions and ideas. To get the most bang for your buck, it is worth advertising jobs on these kinds of sites.

Another good place to recruit is at professional gatherings and conferences for your industry.

4. Putting jobs in perspective

Money is only one of the factors that attract people to jobs. People, especially the younger generations, are looking for work that they find fulfilling and meaningful. They want jobs that make a difference, that matter in the larger scheme of things, that make a real contribution to the company and to society.

Job descriptions should address these concerns and explain how the jobs meet these requirements.

5. Hiring with all deliberate speed

The best candidates get snapped up quickly, so you cannot afford to indulge in a long, drawn-out hiring process if you want to land these people. By the time you make a decision, they won’t be available anymore. You need to make your hiring process as efficient as possible so that you can limit the amount of time involved.


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