Ways to Update Your Operations Resume This Year

If you are like many people in the workforce right now, you are looking for a new position. But it may have been a while since you have actively engaged in a job search, and your resume maybe a little outdated.

Here are a few ways to bring it up to date with current practices

Change your format

In the past, you may have started your resume with an objective. But this is really not helping you focus on the purpose of the resume, which is to sell yourself and your skills. Instead, you should begin your resume with a summary of your skills and accomplishments, keeping in my mind the kind of job you are applying for.

These days many people are also dispensing with street addresses. They are substituting email addresses or LinkedIn websites.

Also, avoid any information that is not directly relevant to the job. Don’t list hobbies or interests unless they are directly related. And if you’re still using the line “references available upon request,” you can get rid of that also.

Prepare for the ATS

No, it’s not an exam. It is a computer program that many companies use to help them screen job candidates. It does this by looking for key words in the resume. You should find out if the companies you are applying to are using this technology, so you can adjust your resume accordingly.

Because the ATS scans for specific words that apply to the job, it helps to review the job description carefully, identify key words, and use them on the resume.

Sell yourself.

You need to think of your resume as an advertisement for yourself, a way of selling yourself. So everything in the resume should be there only for that purpose. When you think about what skills to list, you have to consider how relevant they are to the job.

You will also need to consider how far back to go with work history. Employers are generally only interested in the most recent experience, so think about whether you really need to include jobs from 10 or 15 years ago.

Focus on accomplishments

Simply listing the duties and responsibilities of past jobs is not going to get you hired. You need to show what you accomplished in those jobs, what you did to help the company and its bottom line. And you need to support those accomplishments with facts and figures.

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