What Candidates Are Looking for in Employers

The pandemic has changed people’s lives dramatically. And this has led to a change in outlook and the things people are looking for in a job. Quality of life issues have become more important, and people want the companies they work for to address those issues. Here are a few.

What Do Job Seekers Want in a New Job?

1. Remote work

Employees like working remotely. This is a trend that has accelerated since the pandemic. To attract the best people, companies are going to have to put together some remote work or hybrid work arrangement for their employees.
Almost three-fourths of workers responding to a recent survey said they are looking for some type of hybrid work environment, where they get to work at home some of the time. Only a little more than 10 percent said they wanted to go back to the office full time.
And more companies are adopting hybrid work policies. Google is one example. The company is planning to try out a hybrid work schedule, where people will spend only three days each week in the office

2. More flexibility

People are also looking for more flexibility in their schedules, something that will give them greater freedom than the usual 9 to 5 routine.
Some companies are allowing their employees to begin and end their workday earlier or later, as long they attend necessary meetings. Still other companies are allowing their people to work any time during the day as long as they get in eight hours.
A survey showed that three-fourths of workers wanted to retain their flexible schedules after the pandemic. They are looking for schedules that better fit their lives.
There are different ways that companies can satisfy this desire among workers. For example, businesses can carve out several hours during the day when everyone needs to be available for meetings, while leaving the remaining time open to allow employees to work whenever they want during the day.
Some companies are allowing employees to switch a weekday with a Saturday or Sunday for work, and allowing them to do four-day work weeks.

3. Mental health benefits

This has become much more important to people because of the pandemic. The disruption to people’s lives caused by lockdowns and quarantines and the stress of isolation have raised stress and anxiety levels a great deal. People are now realizing the importance of taking measures to maintain good mental health.
A survey among workers found that symptoms of anxiety have increased threefold since the pandemic and those of depression four-fold.
Companies can help meet this need by making therapists available for employees and having a wellness program, in addition of offering mental health benefits.

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