Longevity Still Matters at a Job

In the past, the amount of time a person stayed in a particular job mattered more than it does today. At one point in time, people spent their entire career at one company. If a person moved around a lot, he or she was known as a job hopper, and this was a red flag for hiring managers if they saw this pattern on a resume.
It did not reflect well on the job candidate. It was considered a sign of immaturity, poor judgment, and a lack of commitment and reliability.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

People Now Move Around More

These days, however, because of changes in the economy and how companies operate, people move around more than in the past. Layoffs are more common and companies are more apt to hire from outside rather than internally. It is not uncommon for job candidates to have several employers listed on a resume, especially IT workers.
However, this doesn’t mean that job stability no longer matters. It’s just that the time frames are different.
And, as with many things, there is a happy medium here too. If someone stays in a job for many years with little sign of career growth or change, that does not give a good impression either, reflecting a person without ambition or energy.
These days, holding a job for two or more years is generally considered longevity. Ideally, it is good to have one or two jobs on a resume that you have held for three to five years or longer.

Job Hopping Today

What you should try to avoid having on a resume, even today, is a string of jobs lasting only several months or a year. Because attitudes about jog hopping are more fluid today, employers may be a little more tolerant of this kind of pattern, but it will probably still raise some eyebrows and require some explanation.

Why Longevity Matters

Job longevity looks good on a resume because it shows good decision-making skills. If someone is in a job for a longer period, it is likely that they made a good decision about the fit of the job and the company, that they did their research and gave it serious consideration.
It also shows commitment and reliability. If you are in a job for a while, it shows that you have performed up to the standards required and have been a productive employee.

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