Is It Time to Quit Your Job?

There are any number of reasons to leave a job. It could be that you see no future for yourself in your current position. The job is basically a dead end. It has become routine and stale. Or it could be the opposite – the job is so stressful that you are experiencing burnout. Or it could be that you are having trouble with your supervisor and there seems to be no avenue for improvement.
If you are contemplating quitting, here are a few things to think about.
1. Why are you leaving the job?
The reasons given above are legitimate causes for leaving. Sometimes, however, people quit for the wrong reasons. They simply react in the heat of the moment, triggered by their emotions rather than their reason.
For example, they get chewed out by their supervisor or have an argument with him or her. Or they get into a fight with another employee. Or some other frustration sets them off. They yell, “I quit” and storm off.
This certainly will make them feel better, triumphant in the knowledge that they gave a piece of their mind. Then they will calm down and realize that they have no job. Needless to say, you do not want to quit under these circumstances.
Leaving your job should be a well-thought-out action. It should be part of a long-term strategy for your job and your career, something that helps you on your path to your ultimate goals.
2. Think about other options to quitting.
If you are considering leaving because your job has become routine, are there other steps you can take short of quitting that may help? For example, can you talk to your supervisor about taking on some new responsibilities and challenges? Can you move to another department? Would getting some additional training improve your situation.?
If you are experiencing burnout, maybe taking some time off or making changes to your job duties may help, rather than leaving the job.
If you are having trouble with your supervisor, can you discuss the situation with him or her and possibly work out the disagreements?
3. What next?
If you are going to quit, you obviously need to think ahead. What is your next step? It is certainly better to have a job lined up before you leave. It is definitely easier to find a job while you are still employed rather than looking when you are unemployed. That means you will have to begin a job search – reworking cover letters and resume, networking, doing research, and interviewing.
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