How Employee Recognition Programs are Changing

Reward and recognition programs have been around for some time. But they are undergoing a transformation as companies become more interested in the results of these programs and their effect on the bottom line.
Return on Investment
Companies are using these programs to produce specific results, things like increasing revenue, reducing turnover and increasing productivity. Companies want to see measurable outcomes of recognition programs.
Surveys show just about every company has recognition programs – about 90 percent of all companies. Many have several different types. The most popular type of recognition is years of service, but more companies are using recognition programs as a way of encouraging specific behaviors from employees.
Many human resource experts agree that effective recognition programs need to be carefully planned out, with a clearly stated strategy and objectives, a strategy that links the program to the company’s core goals and values.
This is very different from how recognition programs operated in the past. Those were more haphazard without any overarching goals to guide them. They were not seen as essential to the business and its bottom line, as they are today.
How Technology Helps
Technology is also playing a role in the evolution of these programs toward more specialized purposes. It is easier to communicate news to many different people through the use of technology and to combine different recognition efforts onto one platform..
Technology also makes it easier to recognize employees because people can simply post messages by texting or email or online. It gets more people involved in the process of supporting and praising good work.
The technology also helps management better monitor the programs to see how they are meeting the goals set by the company. Managers can see who is participating in the programs and determine if the goals of the program are being achieved. They can also better evaluate the programs and find ways to improve them.
For many employees, being recognized is the most important factor in motivating them at work. While workers want to be recognized, management is looking to see what kind of return on investment the recognition programs are providing.
Technology helps managers to see if the recognition is reinforcing value to the company and driving results.
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