How to Handle Burnout

All jobs have their share of stress and challenges. If you have such a job, it is important to take precautions so that you don’t fall prey to burnout.
Burnout is basically a feeling of exhaustion brought about by a great deal of stress. You feel that you have lost control, that you are not up to meeting the demands of the job. It can lead to physical and mental ailments, including a feeling of helplessness,
To combat burnout, there are a number of things you can do. Here are a few.
1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle
One of the best ways you can deal with stress is through exercise. It not only reduces stress, but improves you physically, mentally and emotionally. It helps you to stay healthy so that your body can better handle the stress. It also helps to eat a nutritious diet and to get enough sleep, both of which also help you to fight stress.
2. Meditation
This is something that people are using more and more to combat the stress of their work. People in the military and CEOs are turning to meditation to help them deal with the stress of their work because it is effective.
3. Social network
It is also important to have a good social support system, friends and family who are there to listen and help.
4. Take breaks
We often think that being resilient is all about pushing ourselves to the limit, to press on no matter what. But research is showing that resilience is not so much about plowing through things without stopping, but about taking the time to rest and recharge.
It is exactly this resting and recuperating that gives us the boost of energy and motivation needed to press on and continue to struggle against adverse conditions. So, be sure to take breaks routinely during the workday.
5. Take some time off
If the stress is really getting to you, take a day off where you get away from work completely. Don’t look at your email and turn off your cell phone. Take a mental as well as a physical holiday from work.
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