How Five Minutes Can Make a Difference

We are all looking for ways to improve our lives, to better our performance and to be more productive at work. But often, we believe that we just don’t have the time for these self-improvements.
But research is now showing that you really don’t need a lot of time to make changes, to make progress toward your goals. In fact, research has shown that spending just five minutes a day on some activities can produce real benefits. Here are a few.
1. Five minutes of running a day.
It can add three years to your life, according to research. Studies show that running even five minutes a day greatly reduces the chances of dying prematurely. Overall, the risk of dying from any type of illness is 30 percent lower for runners than non-runners.
2. Five minutes of walking around every hour helps your health and your attitude.
Sitting all day long poses health risks, the kinds of diseases that come from a sedentary lifestyle, things like diabetes, obesity and heart disease. But taking the time to get up and move around for just five minutes each hour can give you more energy and help you feel better.
3. Having trouble starting a new project. Do it for just five minutes.
Getting started is often the hardest part of any undertaking. “All beginnings are hard,” is one common aphorism. Looking ahead at all the work, all the headaches, all the possible problems and pitfalls can be daunting, enough to put you off the task.
But just working on it for five minutes takes all that pressure off. It gives you the impetus to make a start. So, begin with just a five-minute work period. If you need to, repeat the five-minute workout again, and then at some later time, work for a longer period.
4. Take a five-minute work break
Are you feeling fatigued, having trouble focusing? Take a quick five-minute break. This will help to boost not only your creativity, but your productivity and motivation as well.
5. Take five-minutes to think about the good things.
Take five-minutes to think about three good things that occurred during the day, and think about why they happened. Doing this for a week has been shown to increase people’s happiness for six months.
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