How to Improve Well Being and Work Performance Through Writing

We are all looking for ways to improve our physical and mental health because this will enable us to perform better at our jobs and enhance our personal life as well.
Through research, psychologists have discovered that there is one simple thing you can do each day that will in fact help to greatly improve your physical and mental well being. And the nice thing about it is that it only takes a few minutes.
Here it is: At the end of the day, simply take five to ten minutes and write down the things that you thought went really well that day and why you believe they went so well. That’s it. You can write about anything that happened that day, whether it was something major or minor, whether it happened at work or at home.
Believe it or not, this has a big impact on our well being. In one experiment, medical staff in a physician’s office were asked to do the writing activity. In a few weeks, their stress levels declined, as well as complaints about their physical and mental state.The writing also helped them to take their minds off of work more effectively when they left the practice. The writing helps to shift attention away from things that are disturbing to more positive events and can really change the way people see things.
Plus, there are other secondary effects as well. When someone writes about the good things that happened, they are more apt to talk about these things with family members at home, creating a stronger social bond. Moreover, the writing activity has been shown to improve sleep and creativity.
It may be a little difficult to get started because we have been programmed by evolution to focus more on the bad things that happen or can happen to improve our chances of survival. This was necessary for humans when mankind was in its infancy, but it really doesn’t apply as much in the modern world. So, you can change your mindset from gravitating toward the negative to gravitating toward the positive. Doing this will give you new strength and a better outlook on life.
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