Simple Ways to Increase Productivity

People are always on the lookout for ways to get more done. What more can they do to increase their productivity? What can give them an edge in the battle with the never ending to-do list? Here are a few more ideas for things you can do to get out in front of your work load.
1. Once and done
In other words, when you take on a task, finish it one way or another. Never put it aside with the intention of returning to it later. This is just a big time waster. Take some action that will get the task done – take action, give it to someone else, or drop it. Then move on.
2. Prepare for the next day
Before you leave work, take a few minutes to figure out what you plan to accomplish tomorrow. First, this will help you bring into focus what you have accomplished today, as well as enabling you to hit the ground running when you come into work tomorrow.
3. Do the worst, first
In other words, you take on the biggest, hairiest, most despised task you have to do first thing. That way you don’t have it hanging over you, and you can get on with the work you have more interest in.
4. Focus on what is important
Dwight Eisenhower made the well known distinction between what is urgent and what is important, noting that the two are seldom the same. Productive people don’t let the urgent get in the way of doing the important.
There are always things that crop up during the day that need to be done right away. But how important are they? Can they be postponed until after you have worked on what is truly important? Can they be delegated?
5. Control email.
Productive people set aside a certain time to check email, and they stick to it. They are not constantly looking at it during the day, Moreover, they put technology to work in helping them with email – software that lists messages by order of importance, alerts for email from important people.
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