How to Make the Most of a Networking Opportunity

You are at a convention or some type of social gathering. It’s an excellent opportunity to do some networking, to possibly cultivate some new clients. So, how do you make the most of the situation? Here are a few tips from the experts.
1. Don’t start the conversation with a job title.
When you begin talking with someone, one of the first questions that the person will ask you is what do you do. Most people respond with a job title – “I’m an account executive, or I’m a marketing specialist.” This is precisely what you should not do, simply because everyone does it. It doesn’t make you stand out. You become simply one of many people who do your job.
You should have a more compelling or intriguing response to the question of what you do, something that sets you apart. “I’m a problem solver, or I generate client satisfaction.”
2. Have a prepared opening.
This may sound a bit contrived, but it is effective. After all, this is your prime opportunity to impress your potential client, and you should make the most of it. The only way to do this is to have your remarks planned out, so you make the best impression possible. Naturally, you want to make them conversational.
3. Connect what you do to what they do.
When someone asks you what you do, there is an implied question as well – are you someone who can help me? So, you want to show how what you do can help or is relevant to the person you are talking to. In order to do this, you may have to focus on something other than what you do specifically, for example, what your company does or what product you manufacture or service you offer.
4. Show how you can offer solutions.
One of the best ways to connect to people is to show how you can solve problems. Talk to the person about problems that your business tackles, and problems that you solve.
5. Put the ball in their court.
Spell out the next step. Don’t let things just lie there. You have established relationship. Now you can build on it. Ask the person to contact you or your company or to call you if they have any problems or questions.
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