Some Stress is Actually Good

It’s no secret that employees are feeling more stress at work. There are various reasons for this. The downturn in the economy that resulted in many layoffs added to stress. On top of that, those who still had jobs were asked to do more, again resulting in increased stress. People are constantly struggling to maintain a good work-life balance. A recent poll showed that about 80 percent of the workforce is feeling a lot of stress.
Too much stress is not good for your health. It can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, as well as mental problems, such as depression, It can also affect your performance as well.
The interesting thing that scientists have found, however, is that a little stress is actually a good thing. The right amount of stress can provide the edge we need, the motivation, to hit what is known as peak performance, where we do our best work and our productivity is highest. Two scientists have actually graphed what a peak performance looks like, and it is shaped somewhat like a bell curve. That’s because under the right conditions, including a little stress, our performance actually improves. However, if we push too much, if, for instance, we have too much stress, that upward curve begins to turn down, signaling a decline in performance.
The trick is to find that sweet spot, that place where the conditions are just right to hit peak performance. Naturally, it’s not the same for everybody. To find out what you need for peak performance will take some trial and error. You will need to test yourself under different conditions and different levels of stress.
When you find your stress levels getting too high, you will need to take steps to reduce it. One good way to reduce stress is through exercise. Developing a regular exercise routine will go a long way toward reducing stress. Also, eating right and getting enough sleep are also good ways to reduce stress. Practicing mindfulness is another way to reduce stress. This is similar to meditation, where you focus on your breathing, while clearing your mind.
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