Do Your Training Programs Measure Up?

Every company touts the value of training programs and their importance, but when budgets get tight, they are often the first things to go.
But this kind of attitude is a misguided one because training programs, if done the right way, can really help a company improve employee engagement and increase productivity. In order to do this, however, the training has to be set up so that it helps to support and maintain the goals of the company.
And training may become even more necessary, as companies increasingly experience talent shortages.
But to do training right, it does cost money. One size does not fit all, and you cannot simply try to shoehorn some prefabricated program into your company.
First off, if you want to train employees, you have to know what you are training them for. You have to know the skills, knowledge and experience that are needed to achieve your business goals. This process is known as workforce planning, and it is the bedrock upon which all of your training will be based. Knowing what the business goals are enables you to determine what skills will help you achieve those goals, and in turn allow you to identify areas in your company where you are falling short in those skills.
When you have figured out what skills you need to train for, and who needs that training, the next step is to decide what kind of training program to offer. For example, if you need to train a large group of people in something like Microsoft Office, a standardized training program might be the best to use. If, on the other hand, you want to offer leadership training to a small group of managers, you may need a course specially designed for that purpose.
Other training options include on-the-job training, where supervisors and managers work with their teams to build the skills needed.
Another important aspect of training is that for it to really take hold, it must be ongoing, not just a once-and-done thing. There needs to be reinforcement through practice and ongoing learning.
And, finally, in order to get the most from your training programs, you need to have effective ways of measuring their success – how well they have imparted the desired skills that will help the business achieve its goals.
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