Acing the Job Interview

There is a lot of advice out there on how to do well at a job interview. But, because of the changing nature of workplaces, the needs of employers, and the workforce itself, some of the advice is a little shopworn, confusing and sometimes contradictory.
What career experts advise is that you need to help the hiring manager so that he can do as thorough a job as possible. Many hiring managers tend to focus too much on experience and ignore the competence end of the equation. It is your job to put the focus on competence.
Everyone knows you need to prepare for the interview, but few prepare enough. It is impossible to do too much preparation, according to the experts. You should find out about the company, the way it is structured, its culture, industry trends, some information about the person who will be interviewing you, and some of the specific challenges you will be facing on the job.
You also need to develop a strategy for the interview. This involves coming up with three or four messages centered around what you have accomplished in the past and how this will help you succeed in the job you are applying for. You should show the connection between the two by telling stories, which should be short and interesting. Stories grab a person’s attention much more than just a recitation of information and data. You need to be able to tell the stories effortlessly, so you need to practice them and know them well.
What you need to focus on is your potential to do the job, how what you have learned and accomplished will enable you to effectively perform the duties of the position, even if your past job duties are not directly related.
It is also important to make a good impression in the first 30 seconds of the interview. Research has shown that people make judgments about others in that short amount of time. So, how you talk, how poised and confident you look when you enter the room, are all important. Again, practicing your entrance will certainly help. You may want to videotape yourself.
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