Getting the Whole Story

 A new report by the consulting firm Development Dimensions International reveals that most of the people hired by companies in 2012 are already dissatisfied with their jobs.
What they were told about the job hasn’t matched what they are doing. How can your company avoid this situation?
There are several steps it can take. One action is to help business units, recruiters and human resources work together more closely during each phase of the hiring process so that each department knows what the other wants and is able to communicate that to job candidates.
Companies can help with job satisfaction by providing candidates with more detail about open positions, both positive and negative. By being more realistic and thorough with a job description, they will enable candidates to make more informed decisions.
The report shows that this is what most companies explicitly failed to do. In fact, many people said they were actually misled about what to expect in their new job. The report polled 2,300 workers and 250 staffing directors in 28 countries.
But companies that did give candidates a realistic description of a job hired people who were happy with their decision, more engaged and more committed, according to the report.
The report also shows that companies are not happy with the hiring decisions that have been made either. Staffing directors reported that nearly 15 percent of all new hires were unfit for the job.
Employment experts say much of the difficulty arises from the fact that companies really do not have adequate hiring processes in place that will enable them to identify the best people for the job. Hiring managers too often work by impressions and intuition, rather than developing a clear picture of the skills and other attributes a person needs to be successful in a job. And, experts, say, there is a lack of communication among all those who are involved in the hiring process.
Moreover, there is a big disconnect at the companies – although they are dissatisfied with the people they hire, they still feel that they have effective hiring processes in place.
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