Workplace Safety Tips

Yes, we know, you’ve probably heard workplace safety tips for years.
But you truly can never hear or read these tips too many times. After all, just one little slip or accident can mean years, or even a lifetime, of disability. It pays to pay attention, even if you’ve heard it all before.
Therefore, here are some workplace safety tips we found courtesy of

  1. Save your reading for your desk. Don’t read while walking.
  2. When it comes to filing cabinets, never open more than one drawer at a time. Close any drawer before opening another. And, even if you’re going to be away from the filing cabinet for “just a second,” close the drawer. A “second” can grow to several minutes and an open filing cabinet drawer is just waiting for someone (perhaps someone who didn’t heed No. 1, above) to trip over it.
  3. Speaking of cabinets, don’t put anything on top of a filing cabinet or a tall bookshelf.
  4. When carrying something, never place it above your eye level. Always carry it so that you can see where you’re going.
  5. Make a point of keeping walkways clear. Don’t store boxes, cables, wires and other bundles in walkways.
  6. Always look at the chair before you sit on it. Even if you just got up a bit ago, look behind you to make sure the chair didn’t move back. Also, don’t lean far back to reach something if it means you have to tilt your chair back to reach it. Far better to just get up and to get what you need and avoid falling backwards.
  7. When walking up or down stairs, use the handrails. Also, if you’re carrying something heavy, use the elevator. Safety trumps calories.

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