The Importance of Finding the Right Fit in Your Job Search

Career specialists generally counsel job hunters that finding the right fit with a company is important. You do not just want to grab a job simply because it is available, without first doing some research on the company, and how it conforms to your work style and ambitions. A poor fit between a company and a worker more often than not spells failure. And the failure can be costly, both for the worker, who must look for other work, and the company, which must begin the job search process all over again.
Business analyst and writer Tamara Erickson tells a story about a recent college graduate. He had a degree in accounting, which even now offers good job opportunities. He was recruited by several companies. But none of them seemed to offer the kind of place where he wanted to work. The fit just was not right. Then at a job fair he did find a company that he really liked, with the kind of work environment that he felt was right for him. Unfortunately for him, the company had no job openings at the time. But this didn’t stop the man. He pursued the job anyway, making it clear to company officials how much he liked the company. And, after going through the interview process, they hired him.
Erickson uses this story to illustrate the importance of making the effort to find the right fit, and to show that it is possible to do. Each person is different, she says, and finding the right fit is something that varies from person to person. Some people when looking for a job place more importance on the social aspect of the workplace and the kind of relationships they will build there. Others are looking for a chance to exercise their creativity and innovation. Others are just looking to make money. Still others are more concerned about making the world a better place.
People also like to work in different ways, and so finding a work style fit is important as well, she says. For example, some people are more daring and like working in environments that have an element of risk, while others crave a more structured and secure atmosphere.
You should look to find the work that you enjoy, Erickson says. Granted, in today’s job market that can be quite a challenge. But, like the young man mentioned above, you can look for work in companies that may not have openings, and show your enthusiasm for working there. Like the company that hired the young man, its hiring managers may realize the value of hiring someone with a passion for working at the company. Whatever the case, Erickson says, try not to settle.
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