Dealing with Job Search Setbacks

When looking for a job, you are going to run into all kinds of people. Some will be courteous and pleasant, others will not. Some will take a sincere interest in your situation, others will not. Some may be downright rude to you.
In other words, you are going to run into all different kinds of responses. So, as with many other things in life, the old saying applies to the job search as well – Expect the best, but prepare for the worst.
Realizing in advance that you aren’t always going to encounter the warm and fuzzy side of people will help you prepare for a less than welcoming reception. As with just about everything else in life, persistence and resilience are key factors in the job hunt.
Don’t let a rude response get you down. If anything it should be a spur to make you work harder to achieve your goal. And definitely don’t let it affect your job search. Just remember, you can’t take it personally. The rudeness may be the result of many different factors, possibly unrelated to you. The person may just be having a bad day, or experiencing a setback of his or her own.
Since you are selling yourself here, think about your brand. Some are not going to need your brand. So, in your job search, you are looking for those people who find your brand is what they are looking for, what they need, and see it as something worth making an investment in. So, you can’t stop until you find those people.
So, if you face rejection, take it in stride and look someplace else. What you cannot do is let people who are less than polite stop you from looking for work. Just consider: the rudeness is really more their problem than yours.
Look at it as behavior that you need to avoid imitating. Look at it as an opportunity to evaluate your presentation. How are you coming across to other people? Do you need to work on your sales pitch, to fine tune it?
Remember, you are not always going to be successful. There will be setbacks, and your ultimate success will depend on how you respond to the failures, and work to overcome them. Keep going.
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