Breaking into a New Career

Are you looking to start a new career? Maybe you have been laid off because of the economy, or maybe you are looking to begin something new. Either way, if you are thinking about a new career, here are a few things to keep in mind.
One thing is to get to know people who are in the career in which you’re interested. You can do this by joining professional organizations and attending their events. You can talk to experienced people in your new area and get their advice. Not only that, it’s a great way to network and find out about job openings.
In this day and age, don’t forget about a powerful new networking tool – social media. Make sure you get on LinkedIn. Set up a profile as soon as possible. Add your former employers, colleagues and clients to your list of connections and let them all know that you are interested in getting into a new area. Another social media tool to make use of is Twitter. Set up a profile and follow other professionals in your new field. You can get good tips on launching your new career this way.
Another thing to do is to volunteer. This is another, often overlooked, way to pick up experience in your new field and make connections as well.
Rework your résumé. You may not have direct experience in the field you want to get into, but you do have experience. Look for the skills you have gained that would be valuable in your new career, and highlight those skills on your résumé.
Don’t forget – you never stop learning – and this also applies to your new career. Study it as much as you can – read all you can about it in textbooks, journals, and any other medium. Take a few classes at your local college. When you go for an interview, you should be an expert on the latest ideas and trends in your new industry.
Have confidence and project confidence.
Think about using a professional recruiter. He or she will know what skills to emphasize to possible employers. Also, a professional recruiter at staffing agencies may know about jobs and opportunities that may not have been advertised. For more information on opportunities in Chicago, Lake Oswego, Portland, Anchorage and Seattle, give a recruiter at the Opti Staffing Group a call. We look forward to hearing from you!