When Bringing on Contingent Workers is the Right Step to Take

Handling workforce issues in this volatile economy can be frustrating. The needs of your company may rise and fall, but you still want to have that expertise on hand, and you still want to be economically efficient.
What is the best way to handle the problem? Contingency staffing might be the way to go. It can enable you to get some experienced and creative employees that you might not otherwise have an opportunity to bring on board.
Many more workers are using staffing agencies for a variety of reasons, providing a valuable resource and expertise for employers to draw from. More workers are temping because of the weak economy, where employers have become reluctant to hire full time because of the slack demand. But many businesses are not taking advantage of this group rich in work experience. Staffing agencies have moved into all areas of the economy, from healthcare to law to information technology. One big reason may be the change that is involved in the way organizations think about their workforce and how companies are structured to accommodate these people.
Contingent staffing is such a day-by-day process that almost three-fourths of businesses cannot even give a precise figure on how much they spend for it, even though it accounts for almost one-fifth of all workers.
If you are planning to begin using or adding more contingent staffing, here are a few things to keep in mind:
First, you need to make sure managers are agreeable with this move, and allow them to come up with the processes and workflow that will enable a smooth transition and performance for both permanent and contingent workers.
Make sure contingent workers are treated the same as permanent employees, as if they were part of the company. They should not just be given the work that regular employees are reluctant to do; contingent workers should be given the chance to be creative and innovative, too.
You also should create an atmosphere at your company where everyone can benefit from other workers’ expertise, whether regular employees or contingent workers.
And you should make sure you have in place processes and controls for tracking contingent personnel and for monitoring their performance.
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