Secrets to Successful Self-Promotion During a Job Search

If you’re applying and applying — and applying! — for jobs but not getting much traction from your efforts, you’re probably wondering why you’re “working” so hard at finding work, but having so little to show for it.
If that’s your situation, the Opti Staffing Group is here to help. Here are some tips you may want to follow that can aid you in successfully promoting yourself before employers.
First of all, you need to understand that sending out dozens of résumés and filling out many applications really is not the way to find work. You may think you’re looking for work but, really, what you’re doing is sending out résumés and filling out applications — you’re searching for work in a passive manner.
Instead, you need to be very proactive. Here’s how:
Yes, you’ll need to put together a great résumé. But instead of just listing your past jobs and job titles, this document should be one that showcases the results of your efforts for your previous employers. Companies basically hire people for one reason only: they need help solving their firm’s problems (the “problems” of making sales, of creating new widgets, of streamlining processes, etc.). Your résumé needs to show potential employers what kinds of problems you solved at your previous jobs and how you did so.
Your next step is to research companies you think you’d like to work for and which could use an employee with the skills and experience you bring to the table.
Then, get the name of someone who could actually hire you — a department head, for example — and contact that person. That’s right, get on the phone and call. You should do this even if there’s no job opening currently. You also could e-mail the person or send him/her a letter, but an actual phone calls works best and works quickest.
What you’ll be doing when you contact the individual is to briefly explain your background and skills and then ask if he or she knows of anyone who might need these skills in an employee. You also should ask if you could meet with the individual to discuss your skills/background and to see where he or she thinks these skills could be put to best use, whether at his or her company or another firm.
Or course, you will get turned down. You will hear “no.” But since you’ll be conducting yourself in a highly professional manner — think of your call and discussion as sharing valuable information with a colleague — this approach can be quite effective! A few of the calls will result in meetings. Others will get you a name of someone else to contact. Which could lead to a name another person to contact. Which eventually will lead to a meeting and an insider’s tip about a new job opportunity.
Naturally, another great way for you to find work is to contact a recruiter at the Opti Staffing Group. We can place you in short- and long-term temporary positions while you search for full-time employment. You also could find that a temporary assignment leads to being hired full time, or we may be able to place you in a direct-hire position that’s right up your alley! We look forward to helping you with your job search!