Temp-to-Hire Staffing: What, When and Why You Should Consider It

Have you ever hired someone who interviewed well, had glowing references and then, for some inexplicable reason, just didn’t work out?
What a waste of yours and your mis-hire’s time. What a waste of your money.
You can avoid this type of scenario with a temp-to-hire agreement with a staffing service.
Temp-to-hire allows you “try out” a potential employee before that person moves to your payroll. The worker remains on the staffing firm’s books until — and if — you decide to hire the person yourself.
Basically, you would tell the staffing firm that you need, for example, a project manager. You would give the firm your requirements for the position and the kind of background you need and the firm would send over one of its workers (who is amenable to finding a full-time position) for about three months (or other length of time you and the staffing company agree upon).
If all goes well — if you and the worker decide that a good match has been made — you take the worker on as your own.
In the meantime, the staffing firm pays the worker’s wages, all benefits and any workers’ comp costs, if applicable.
If you find the arrangement isn’t working, you can ask for a replacement worker at any time and the 90-day tryout period starts anew.
The person sent to your business for the assignment also may decide the job isn’t a good fit. If this happens, the staffing firm will immediately replace the person with someone else.
Temp-to-hire comes in very handy if you’ve had bad luck hiring employees in the past. Many people can interview well and look great on paper but can just not work out when actually doing the job. If this happens on a temp-to-hire assignment, you don’t incur the costs that you would have had you found you had to fire someone from your payroll after just a few weeks or months.
Temp-to-hire really is a win-win for you and for the worker. You get to see if the person has the skills to do the job as well as the particular temperament that works best in your company. The worker also gets to see if the position is what he or she is looking for and can continue looking for the right job should the temp-to-hire assignment not be all he or she hoped it would.
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