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As a recent college graduate down on their last hope for employment, I resorted to Opti Staffing Agency in hopes of a chance to find a company that I can grow within and provide the flexibility I needed to continue my education. To my luck, I was able to interiew with Taryn Adams and it was nothing short of a warm welcome and a mutual understanding about the harsh reality of finding a job that offered the opprotunities I was looking for. Taryn Adams was very understanding and straight to the point when it came to seeking full-time positions that were compatible to my background. I was able to interview with companies within the same week I spoke with Taryn, and for the first time in a long time I had the option to choose from a list of companies that were actually interested in meeting with me! I am now with a small family-owned company that I've grown to love. It is because of Taryn's superb efforts and compassion that I am in the position that I'm in today. I no longer judge temp agencies as places that send people to jobs that are unfit and impossible to maintain. If anyone is in need of a job where they can excel within and live the lifestyle they hope to maintain outside of work, I will refer them to Opti Staffing Agency without any reservation.


Opti is providing a very thorough pre screening process on all candidates presented to us.
We are very happy with the service provided by Opti and will use them again for our future placement needs.

 Logistics Agent


I highly recommend Opti Staffing to any candidates seeking employment.  I have been working with the team here in Tacoma, WA off and on since 2004 whenever I am seeking new/different employment, and they are a highly professional and work hard for candidates and employers.  Highly recommended ... A++.  Thanks Megan, Sarah, Liz and the team!

-Karn Alleman Langer



I was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Taryn Adams and the team at Opti Staffing.  Taryn is exceptionally adept in finding the perfect job for any candidate. I am elated with my new position and foresee many years of opportunity and growth.  I am so glad I put my trust in Opti Staffing, because it has certainly paid off.

Thank you, Taryn!


-Marsha Thiesen




You were one of the few recruiters who came to my aid when I needed them. You showed a sincere interest in what I was looking for and you kept me updated. Most other agencies apparently don't think informing an applicant is as important as you do. Hopefully I won't need the services of a recruiting firm but if I do, you and Opti Staffing will be the first place I go.

As for the company where I was placed, the people are very nice and it is a congenial working atmosphere. My branch manager is giving me more responsibility now that he sees what I am capable of. I only hope that he will consider taking me on as a full-time employee in the near future.


Best regards,

-Harold LeBoyer


Hi Chad:

I am sure you already know what a great recruiter/employee/consultant, Katie Schmidt is. I would like to re- emphasize what a great employee you have in Katie. Her desire to persevere assisted me in pursuing an employer that I wasn't sure if I could schedule time to meet with.

I had been to a number of companies, and was sure of receiving an offer from one of them. I was somewhat reluctant to go on more interviews, but Katie took extra time to write me a very well thought out e mail explaining why it would make sense to meet with a particular CPA firm that she had just established a relationship with.

I went on the first interview and found that I was more interested in that company compared to any of the others that I had interviewed with. I was asked back for a second interview with the managing partner and shortly thereafter, was excited to receive an offer from that CPA firm. I accepted the offer from that firm, which I believe will become one of the best career moves I have ever made.

It is the combination of Katie's ability to draw insight from the people she recruits coupled with her knowledge about what the ultimate customer is seeking, that gives her a distinct competitive advantage compared to her peers. Equally important is Katie's drive to persevere, which really sets her apart.

Thank you both Chad, and particularly Katie for giving me the opportunity to succeed in a company and environment that will be best suited for me.

We will stay in touch.

Best regards,

Michael Kravitz, CPA,MBA


Andrew spent time visiting my facility and getting to know that specific needs. He listened and then actively searched to find the right fit for me and my staff in a temp to hire position. Andrew showed a genuine desire to help place the right person who could thrive in my business. I truly appreciate his efforts and attitude, and for that he'll be the only one to fill any staffing needs I have. ''

-Neer Patel


"I am pleased to recommend Andrew Watson with whom I have worked with to assist our company in filling very difficult positions within our organization.

Although I have worked with Andrew for only a few short months, I have found him to be an important resource for expanding our business with talented people. Andrew invested the time to get to know our company, learn about the positions, and eventually come to an understanding of managements' expectations. Once given an assignment, Andrew is tenacious in finding the right candidate, bringing the search to a prompt and successful conclusion.

I highly recommend Andrew as a search consultant for your company"

Best Regards,

Debbie Whitworth, PHR

Human Resource Manager



 In my professional experience, follow-up and exemplary communication are paramount for the retention of clients/customers: a fact that has led me to shy away from staffing agencies in my recent job search.  My previous experiences with staffing agencies left me feeling like livestock, inspected for the sole purpose of collecting as many as possible to then leave to graze until the slaughter.  There was never any element of humanity involved in them.  Until I met Kirsten, they were impersonal, almost deplorable experiences. 

 Kirsten is a ray of sunshine in a bleak job-hunting world.  Her follow-up is timely and impeccable.  If Kirsten says that she will complete a task, she does.  Should Kirsten tell me that she will email me information, I receive it.  In the staffing industry, someone that shows this level of commitment is a mythical creature.  A staffing unicorn!

 Nathan, working with Opti Staffing has been a refreshing experience and I speak highly of your organization to every fellow job-hunter that I meet.


Thank you for the fantastic experience and staff that you provide!"

 -Sarah Carver


"I just wanted to thank you for the card and the gift. I am sorry I was unable to meet with you and be able to finally put some faces to the friendly voices. The funny thing is when you stopped by I was actually here. I was just in a meeting with all the new hires from you guys! LOL Thanks again for all your hard work and if projections for next year come to fruition, we will definitely be talking more!"

-Charles Steward
"I visited Opti Staffing after leaving a stressful job. I had no idea what I wanted to do or where I wanted to work, so I didn't have an expectations. After a meeting with Matt and several phone conversations with Alison, they placed me in a temp position. It gave me the
time to reconnect with my professional priorities and work in a healthy and positive environment. Because Alison and Matt gave me such outstanding professional guidance and reignited my confidence, I strongly recommend them to anybody searching for a new job or a fresh start in Anchorage. They shed objective light on your resume and work history to find exactly what you are looking for. Alison and Matt, thank you!"

-Anchorage Candidate


 "I stumbled upon Opti while searching for work this summer. I had seen a position  they had posted that was full time, but said what the heck and applied anyway. I was called the next day by Alison who said that although I did not qualified for the full time position I applied for, she wanted to meet with me anyways. After my preliminary interview she said that she would contact me if anything came up. A few days later I called and checked in with her to see if anything had come up and she unfortunately said no. I started to get discouraged, but within two hours later she called me back saying that she had found job for me. Since then I have worked for the company all summer, and just recently signed a contract to be an Intern this Fall while I finish my degree.Opti was extremely helpful, I would not be in the position I am today without them. Many large companies are using staffing companies to find qualified candidates, and in Anchorage I
Opti is one of the best. Alison and the Opti Staff followed me all the way through my contract, making sure things were going well, and the company and I, were happy. Thank you so much Opti Staffing!!"

-Anchorage Candidate

"The Opti Staffing staff performed fantastically. I spent months with competing agencies such as Account Temps and of course Monster, Career Builder, and job networks like LinkedIn. Ashley and Laurie looked at my resume and work profile in great detail. I got a call for an interview with Opti Staff on a Tuesday and an interview with a company the next morning. By 4:00pm Opti called me for a morning interview Thursday with the company President. After a two hour interview I found myself accepted and on a tour of the company and being assigned a work space. Opti Staffing certianly out performed their competitors for me!"

- Robert Pastor

"We have been recently using Opti Staffing to fill accounting needs at out corporate facility, working with Ashleigh Brittian. Ashleigh did a tremendous job providing only qualified candidates. It took the interviewing process to a professional level, saving us valuable time. We are so satisfied, both individuals will be hired on as permanent staff members. I highly recommend Ashliegh. Thanks for the help in finding these great people."

-Tacoma Company

" I want to thank Korri Kehn and the entire staff at Opti Staffing for the professional and timely service afforded us. We were very pleased with the candidates sent to our office, and extremely satisfied with the ultimate person hired. She is well qualified and certainly has met the qualifications required and recommendations given by Opti Staffing.

It was a pleasure working with Korri!"

-Tacoma Company

"Thank you so much for your help locating a job that was a great fit for my skills and background. At first, I thought that Opti wouldn't really be able to find something in my field considering I specialize in the construction industry as a civil engineer; but you really surprised me. After only a week, Opti Staffing Group was able to locate an employer and get me working within a few days.

I really appreciate the help! You went above and beyond the call of duty on this one. Keep up the great work."

-Sheridan Koski

"Working with the Opti Staffing Group has been a very quick and satisfying experience. My Opti Staffing Group recruiter, Lauren has been extremely helpful in my placement into a company and helpful answering questions after placement. I would recommend Opti Staffing to all prospective job seekers."


"Opti Staffing has really been great. They helped me get a job in less then a week. They sent me on one interview and that's all it took. I had a job the very next week. THANK YOU OPTI STAFFING."

-Vinnie English

"I have had the experience to be one of Benjamin Brunner's candidates recently through Opti Staffing Group. With the persistence of Benjamin's efficient line of communication, his ability for detail and strong level of professionalism he was able to place me within an organization the met both, needs and expectations for a long-term partnership.

I feel that with Benjamin's effectiveness and hard working ethics, he will always be a very successful professional in any position he may entertain within the Opti Staffing Group organization.

It has been a pleasure working with Benjamin and Opti Staffing Group."

-Kristina Phillip

"My name is Daniel Vasquez. A short while ago I was diligently looking for a new full-time career. I had been a fireman for nearly ten years and was injured on the job. I had a background in the logistics field and was attempting to start anew in that line of work. I had filled out several applications and turned in countless resumes; both online and in person. I had some rather promising prospects when I was contacted by Ben Brunner. He had come across my resume from an online application I had filled out and contacted me for a position he was trying to fill. This was my first time trying to find work through a third-party and I really wasn't sure what to expect. I met with Ben and found him to be extremely professional. He had informed me of a position that he thought would be a great fit and had placed me in an interview with the president of the company the very next day. To my surprise the position was an exact fit for what I was looking for. In fact it was better in terms of pay rate, hours, benefits and general duties than anything that I had found on my own. I am currently still with the company and very happy. Ben made the daunting task of finding a job (let alone a new career) much, much easier. I would strongly recommend his services to anyone."

Daniel R. Vasquez


"Opti Staffing Group has provided a number of highly competent individuals for supporting our dynamic staffing needs. Some of these individuals provided by Opti have become full time team members. We appreciate and rely on Opti's professional service.

Thank you for the support."

Dan Fawcett

"OPTI is very good at filtering through and screening for qualified applicants."

Mat Pisha

"I wanted to take a minute and say thank you for the fine customer service and professional follow up you have provided us over the past few months. Not only have you professionally searched for and recruited excellent candidates on our behalf, the preliminary and follow up work has been performed at a level well above the crowd in both content and quality.

As you surely know, we get inundated by labor assistance companies, most of whom we would not give the time of day. I can honestly say we are very favorably impressed with both you personally and by the way Opti Staffing has serviced our needs as a customer."

Robert D. Blackwood
General Manager

"Just a short note to let you know how much we have appreciated your efforts in our recruiting process. We have found your professionalism and determination in this process to be exceptional. The line of communication was always open and you came up with candidates that met or exceeded our expectations. It is a pleasure working with you."

Diana Davis
HR Supervisor

"OPTI Staffing really took the time to understand our business and its needs. The staff has toured our facility to understand our business, listened to our needs, and asked questions for the little details. They have been able to find qualified candidates for us to interview and hire. We are now on our third hire from OPTI, we hope to make her a permanent employee, also. Thank you for being able to meet our needs."


"Thank you for your service in providing us a direct placement candidate for our Dynamics AX contract position. I appreciated your attentive follow up and clear communication. I was also pleased to use our direct placement credit for this hire."

Amy Hubbard
Human Resource Generalist

"It has been a true pleasure working with OPTI over the last few years. They have been a valuable resource in assisting with our staffing requirements by learning our needs, pre—screening candidates and sending out the individuals who they feel will best meet the needs of our organization. I look forward to working together as both our organizations grow."

Nathan Marks

"Opti Staffing Group has been critical in helping us staff for success. I know I can always count on their assistance in finding the most qualified, dependable candidates for our positions. I appreciate their help and expertise."

HR for Food Distribution Center

"Since using Opti Staffing Group they have gone the extra mile to find us welders. The follow up has been remarkable. Thank you for all the great service that is provided."


"Opti Staffing Group has been invaluable in helping us expand our business. We have tried to use other avenues, such as Jobdango and the newspaper, to find qualified maintenance mechanics to support our growing metal recycling business with very limited results.

Since we teamed up with Opti Staffing we have been able to get people that are qualified in the skill sets that we need and are ready to go to work. We will continue to use this valuable service to make our business grow. Thanks guys!"

Steve Lovin
Facility Manager

"I am pleased that we have had the opportunity to work with Opti Staffing and will contact them again in the future for other staffing needs. The quality of the job seekers was excellent and made the hiring decision much easier. I highly recommend Opti to anyone looking to fill a key position. The recruiters have always been very helpful in finding good matches for our company."

Janet Holt
HR Manager

"We have used Opti Staffing in Portland now for approximately one year now and have been extremely pleased with our relationship. They took the time to determine our needs, so when they suggest people to fill open positions, they have a high probability of meeting our expectations. We now have employees on our payroll that came through the Opti program and are a very good addition to our team.

We have also been able to call with short time needs that they have been able to fill. This saves us a tremendous amount of time and cost by having them do the advertising and preliminary interviews before we get a candidate suggested to us. They do a great job of follow up to make sure interviews went as planned, and he also does routine calls to make sure our needs are being met with their candidates as they are working for us. The local staff has been very good to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone as I have done in the past."

Mike Vallery
Shop Manager

"We've dabbled with using perm placements in the past and it hasn't worked for us. When our Opti representative was assigned to our account, it was a welcome change. She’s committed to great service – actively producing quality leads and tuned in to a viable security solution that reduces my workload. What a pleasure!"

Shannon King

"Opti Staffing has been very helpful in finding quality personnel on a temporary and full-time basis."

Robert Hancock

"Opti Staffing always goes above and beyond to meet our needs. We couldn't be happier with their service. Their staff is always prompt and professional. I would definitely recommend them to other businesses."

Susan Jefferson

"My Opti Staffing Skilled Trades Recruiter is remarkable!. He is the best I have worked with and has exceeded our expectations in providing immediate response to our staffing needs. He is professional and extremely easy to work with. 99% of the temporary staff sent to us by OPTI has been hired on as permanent staff. OPTI is definitely one of our strong business partners!!"

Shanie Zaborowski

"I wanted to let you know that I just signed the job offer as a pre-auth clerk. I also want you to know that you and Opti Staffing were the only employment agency out of four that I signed up with that actually tried to help me find a position and that you were very professional in dealing with me. Thank you for all your help."

Margreate Robertson

"Pat Hanley, our GM, wanted me to let you know that all three of your candidates that he met with were top notch. I would like to add that the candidates you provided us with were several classes above what the other two agencies we used sent us. You came to the shop, got an understanding of what we needed, and what would 'fit' here, and sent us people that meet our requirements. Thanks for your hard work."

Doug Reid
VP of Finance and Personnel


"Opti Staffing found our company the 'perfect' candidate for a position that had always been difficult to fill. The professional follow-up I received during and after the placement was a welcome change from past experiences."

Janice Wenrich
HR Manager


"The reason I work with Opti Staffing is because you and your staff are so professional. I know that I can count on you to provide temporary services as well as permanent employees. I know that you are constantly working on having a group of people to send out on interviews, so you are ready when I call and need someone ASAP. You have always asked the right questions to fully understand what I need and want. You're the best!"

Julie Hansen
General Manager


"I have utilized Opti Staffing Group for many years and am extremely pleased with the professionalism of the staff and the quality of the candidates. It is refreshing to work with an agency that listens to your needs and supplies candidates that perfectly match the requirements. I thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone at Opti Staffing, hearing the smiles on the phone and knowing that customer service is superior."

Rhonda Watt
HR Director


"I had two jobs to fill and advertised them in the usual ways. After two months I had one hire, and wasted dozens of hours with unqualified, late, no-show, or just plain weird candidates. I listed the second job with Opti and in two weeks had several well-qualified applicants, already screened. Our hire is working out well and fits in great in my small business. I wish I had started with Opti and I will use them again."

Calvin Caley


"Coming from the lower 48, I was a bit skeptical about using a temp service, as I had never had to do so before. I was very impressed with Opti Staffing almost immediately. I was thoroughly interviewed and consequently matched up with a company that I felt was perfectly suited to my qualifications and even more importantly to my specifications.

My Opti contact touched base with me frequently to assess my jobs satisfaction and ongoing needs. Now as an employer for Opti Staffing Personnel, it's that attention to operational excellence that keeps me using the service. Thanks for everything Opti Staffing!"

Kelly Taylor
Operations Manager


"We hired one of your candidates as a full-time employee. We are very happy with him. I also want to thank you for all your help with our staffing issues. I will call you in the future if our needs increase. Thanks again!"

Don Jackson
Service Manager


"The staff at Opti helped us fill the different position of Field Generator Technician. They do an excellent job of screening candidates. Once they reach us we are likely to hire the candidate. It's quality and selection - not volume - which would waste our time and their clients' time. Also, they came on-site to see what the company environment is like."

Martye Haugstad
Corporate Training & Recruiting Manager


"In the past year the Opti Staffing Team were instrumental in search and placement of six employees ranging from controller to accounts receivable clerk. With each search and placement, the Opti team listened and worked diligently to find the right fit both in terms of skill set and company culture.

Not only did they repeatedly demonstrate that she understood our needs, but she worked just as hard to replace a candidate who left during the guarantee period as she did during the initial placement. Opti continues to be my "go to" resource whenever I need assistance with staffing."

Cheri Briar

"Being relatively new to the area, using Opti eliminates me having to drive all over trying to find places that are hiring. I find that the pay is the same as getting hired directly with a company. Nathan and Josh have been great with helping me find the best fitting jobs for my needs. It seems they genuinely have an interest in my success."

Thomas Jones

The candidate that Opti Staffing Group sent to me has exceeded all my expectations and has been worth every penny I have invested in her. Thank you for bringing such a valuable player to my team.

Deanne Tuckerman

Out of all the interviews I've had so far, I think I enjoyed yours the best.  Probably because it was more free-form and less based on what I had on my resume and my specific job experiencesin the past.  I felt rather at ease talking with you.  Thanks for having me come in.

Again, thanks for having me come in. I look forward to seeing what positions you might find for me.

Kolea Hara

We have worked with Nathan Houston of Opti Staffing for the past 5 years. Opti has provided quality candidates to us, both for temporary and temp-to-hire positions. Opti does a great job of learning as much as they can about our open positions and helping us find the best possible people. I would not hesitate to recommend Opti Staffing.

 Dave McCart


Sean (Opti Staffing) has been an incredible asset in finding skilled labor that fits our company's needs not only for the direct responsibilities of the position but also for the culture and high character standards of our company.

Ian Ruef


I'm proof that Opti Staffing can find the job and people that best fit your needs. They've placed me on many enjoyable assignments doing what I love to do...stay busy! Now I'm working for Kenworth Northwest Trucking and its been a great match for myself and the company. They say I'm a hard worker, but I think it's my smile that won them over. Although it's a temp to perm assignment, I feel like I've been a full-time employee here for years. A BIG BEAR HUG and Thanks to Nichole and her top notch staff at Opti Staffing for helping me find the job I love waking up for every day!
Dion Willis, Opti Staffing Alumni

After using several different staffing agencies to supply potential employees for our facility, we currently only use Opti Staffing Group. In my opinion, their professionalism and customer service is far above the rest. We have found that due to their screening process we get staff that are more qualified and suited to the roles we need to fill. They don't just send the next person that shows up looking for a job.

James H. Fuller
Branch Operations Manager


I'm proof that Opti Staffing can find the job and people that best fit your needs. They've placed me on many enjoyable assignments doing what I love to do...stay busy! Now I'm working and its been a great match for myself and the company. They say I'm a hard worker, but I think it's my smile that won them over.  Although it's a temp to perm assignment, I feel like I've been a full-time employee here for years.  A BIG BEAR HUG and Thanks to Nichole and her top notch staff at Opti Staffing for helping me find the job I love waking up for every day!

Dion Willis, Opti Staffing Alumni


I have nothing but positive things to say in regards to Opti. This is a position that not only fits my interests, but it seems like the perfect fit and it is all because of the relationship I have been able to build with them. For the past few months, They have been looking for positions for me that she felt fit my personality and interests and I commend them on finding the perfect position. They are exceptional workers and they have had a positive impact on my job search.

Nick Augustavo


It's been a long time since we've been able to write a statement in such a positive context for a staffing recruiter. Working with Grace Hansmeier with Opti Staffing Group has been pure pleasure. She is extremely professional and handled our employee search with ease because she really listened to what our needs were for this position. She offered us options and her follow through was excellent. Grace has a very unusual talent that will serve her well. She is able to be persistent without being overbearing which made us all feel very comfortable. Most important, Grace helped us make an important hiring decision by helping us think through the process and focusing in on the skills we needed for that position. I can honestly say that without Grace's involvement in securing just the perfect individual for our position, we would still be looking. A big 'thank you' to Grace for doing an awesome job!

 Stan Hayes, President


The people that Opti Staffing sent to us did a great job and worked hard.  I was most impressed with them showing up on time and ready to work.

 Douglas Stitzel

"My name is Harley Henderson, I was laid off in Colorado and there were no decent jobs to be found there. I started looking for jobs in Washington through the Internet because my wife had a sister there. Chad Hollingshead with Opti Staffing had heard about me and contacted me. He was very professional and told me that he had several clients that would be interested in me. So I sent him my resume and started packing. When we got to Washington Chad had already set me up with several job interviews. I went to all the job interviews and gave him feedback about the interviews, we were able to pick the job that I would be happiest at. I was back to work a week and two days after reaching Washington, thanks to Chad and the team at Opti Staffing. They were a very professional team and were also a very nice and friendly staff that made me feel at home. I definitley recommend Opti Staffing to helping others to find a job. Thanks for the help."

Harley Henderson


I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how well Bruce is doing. After minimal training with our company tracking system he has proven to be a 'plug and play' solution to our staffing need.

I have encountered and utilized numerous agencies. Before your contacting me, I had quite a bitter taste in my mouth. The service you have provided beyond just that of the candidate is second to none. Many thanks to you and Opti Staffing for providing such a quality worker.

Jim Furbish
Production Supervisor

"Our organization routinely relies on Opti Staffing to provide us with high quality candidates in a short amount of time. The professional service they provide us is integral to our company's success."

Suzanne Granger
Human Resources




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