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Real Success: Sequoyah Scholz

The people at Opti Staffing are real professionals. They know their jobs and do them well. But most of all, they enjoy helping people! They know what job seekers are going through because they went through it themselves. They know the ups and downs and how important empathy and encouragement are. They also know the… Read More »

Interviews to REALLY Find the Right Candidate

Having a lot of good candidates to choose from for a job opening is an enviable position for any business to be in. But the flip side is that it becomes much more difficult to weed out the best. In this case, the traditional interview may not be as helpful as you would like. But… Read More »

Tips for Interviewing with Staffing Firms

You may think that if you apply for or interview with a temporary staffing firm that it doesn’t really “count,” that a temporary firm isn’t a real employer. You couldn’t be more wrong. Staffing firms such as the Opti Staffing Group are bona fide employers. The work you do for us on assignments will be… Read More »