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How to Increase the Productivity of Your Remote Team

How to Increase the Productivity of Your Remote Team - Opti Staffing

Because of the pandemic, many more people are working remotely. But even before the pandemic, there was a trend toward remote work. This kind of arrangement has a number of advantages for companies, but it brings challenges as well. How can managers maintain the cohesion and productivity of their teams when everyone is in a… Read More »

Video Interviewing Etiquette From Beginning to End

Video Interviewing Etiquette From Beginning to End - Opti Staffing

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting all aspects of business operations. It is changing the way companies recruit and hire. Companies are now using video interviews more than ever. So, if you are looking for a job, you need to become familiar with this type of interview and how to make the most of it. A… Read More »

Hiring Made Simple – Why a Partnership with Opti is a Smart Move in Today’s Market

Hiring Made Simple – Why a Partnership with Opti is a Smart Move in Today’s Market - Opti Staffing

Companies across the country are relying on staffing agencies to find and deliver workers where they are needed during the pandemic crisis. Public and private sector organizations are using staffing agencies to provide essential workers. As the pandemic continues to create a great upheaval in the job market, staffing agencies like Opti have the experience… Read More »

Managing Life’s Bumps – How to Spot Opportunity and Pursue It

Opti Staffing - How to spot opportunities

Opportunity is created as often as it is discovered. Thomas Jefferson commented on this phenomenon when he said that he believed in luck, and the harder he worked, the luckier he was. The more sustained effort we can muster, the more opportunities that tend to spring from it. But how do you spot these opportunities… Read More »

The Ups and Downs of Business Require Hiring Intelligence

Businesses spend a lot of time recruiting and hiring, but according to some prominent management experts, they don’t do a very good job of it. Companies today focus on passive job candidates, they try to recruit as many people as possible, they outsource their recruiting, they use applicant tracking software and vendors who claim to… Read More »

Longevity Still Matters at a Job

In the past, the amount of time a person stayed in a particular job mattered more than it does today. At one point in time, people spent their entire career at one company. If a person moved around a lot, he or she was known as a job hopper, and this was a red flag… Read More »

Four Practices to Help Avoid Summer Staffing Shortages

Summer can be an anxious time for many businesses. They are hit with a double whammy — It is a time of year when business often picks up, but at the same time, more employees are going on vacation. Here are a few actions that businesses can take to handle the problem. 1. Don’t restrict… Read More »

Identifying the Bad Boss

In the workplace today, there are many managers and bosses who, to put it bluntly, aren’t very nice people. In fact, the word jerk could certainly be used to describe them. The question is, if you are applying for a job, how can you be sure your boss won’t turn out to be a jerk?… Read More »