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Answering Tough Interview Questions Doesn’t Have to be Tough! Here’s Why

There are certain questions that you will probably encounter at just about every job interview. That is because hiring managers believe these questions are effective at finding out if a job candidate is a good fit for the job and the company. Although hiring managers like them, the questions can generate a lot of anxiety… Read More »

How to Motivate Your Employees When the Numbers Show Decreased Productivity

You have assembled a great team, people who know their stuff and know how to get things done. But lately you have noticed that they don’t seem to have the same energy and enthusiasm. Productivity has been off, and there seems to be an atmosphere of complacency. You know your team is good. They just… Read More »

How to Encourage Someone Who is Looking for a New Job

If you know someone who is unemployed and needs a job, but is having difficulty taking action, either because the person is apprehensive about the difficulty of job hunting, or because he or she really doesn’t know how to get organized for it, or is just having trouble getting motivated, there are things you can… Read More »

3 Reasons Opti is the Perfect Career Resource

If you are looking for a job, or looking to take that next step in your career, a great place to start is with a staffing agency like Opti. Why? We’re glad you asked. There are a number of reasons. 3 Reasons Opti is Essential for Your Career 1. Access One big advantage you have… Read More »

Six Ways to Stay Safe and Productive

Whether your job involves physical labor or is more sedentary, it is important to take steps to stay safe at work. There are a number of simple precautions you can take to prevent injury and time away from the job. Here are a few. How Do I Stay Safe on the Job? 1. Lift things… Read More »

Safety Doesn’t Have to Tank for the Sake of Productivity

Many manufacturers see an inverse relationship between safety and productivity – if you focus too much on safety factors, you hinder productivity. It has become a rather contentious issue, especially for safety professionals who are trying to disabuse people of the misconception that the two are polar opposites. The fact is, safety professionals say, the… Read More »

Three Books That are Great For Your Career

No matter where you are in your career — just starting out, mid-career, or in a more senior position — you can never stop learning, especially in a modern economy that is changing so rapidly. Reading is a necessity if you want to advance in your career. It is something you should always be doing.… Read More »

How to Find a Job in a New City Before Moving

You have an urge to travel and see the world, and you would like to relocate. But this presents a dilemma – you need to find a job in your new location. You really would rather not quit your current job and then look for work after the move. The good news is by being… Read More »

How to Find CDL and Non CDL Driving Jobs

If you are looking for a good driving job, the first step you need to take is a simple one – contact Opti Staffing. We are always looking for skilled people to place in a job, whether they are looking for something full-time or as a contract worker. We know about positions that the general… Read More »

Beyond Famous Quotes: What Makes Us Successful

We all want success. People define success differently. For many, it is wealth, fame, power. For others it is simply being happy at what they do. Still others define success as making a contribution to our store of knowledge or making an impact on society. Our definitions may be different, but we are the same… Read More »