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Are Business Cards Necessary in the Digital Age?

In this day and age of smart phones and other mobile electronics, how necessary is it to have a business card? This has generated a good deal of debate among career experts. Some feel business cards are relics of an age past, that they are no longer needed, while others say they still serve a… Read More »

Maintaining a Good Work-Life Balance at Your Company

To attract and retain high performing workers, companies need to provide a good work environment. One component of this is enabling employees to maintain a good work-life balance. But how do you know if your company is doing enough to ensure this balance, and whether workers are satisfied with the company’s efforts? To find out,… Read More »

How Job Description Length Affects Responses

Recent surveys have revealed some interesting information about the length of job descriptions and the applications that result from them. The surveys looked at a total of 400,000 job seekers and the 30,000 plus applications they submitted to companies using various electronic media during the course of their search. The study showed that there is… Read More »

Increase Your Productivity — Drink More Water

Every workplace is looking for ways to increase productivity. Increasing productivity doesn’t always require some big, complicated project. Sometimes there are very simple ways to increase productivity. For example, you can increase your productivity simply by drinking more water. That’s right. You may find that hard to believe, but there is plenty of science to… Read More »

How to Increase Willpower by Increasing Motivation

Willpower is something we all value highly. It’s something we all want more of, but aren’t quite sure how to get it. When we think of willpower, we imagine it as some force that enables us to overcome our desires. In other words, we see it as part of a battle, a contest with willpower… Read More »

Making a Good Impression

We all want to make a good impression when we meet other people. Sometimes making a good impression can have major consequences, as with a job interview. We want to appear poised and confident, sure of ourselves and relaxed. How we speak and act is important naturally because that is how we craft our image.… Read More »

Employee Loyalty and How to Keep It

It probably won’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that job loyalty isn’t what it used to be. Workers today are more interested in having a healthy work-life balance, rather than being consumed by ambition to climb the corporate ladder. Now that the economy is improving and unemployment has fallen a good… Read More »

How Your Workspace Affects Productivity

Your desk is strewn with papers. Post it notes are affixed to the edge of your computer screen like some yellow fungus. A coffee mug sits insolently among the stationary, along with a half empty bottle of water. Signs of someone working hard, working intensely, and being productive? You might think so, but some recent… Read More »

Should You Accept the Job Offer?

So, you have just had a job offer. Congratulations! Now you have to decide whether to accept the position. How should you go about making your decision? What kinds of things should you consider? The first things to look at are the facts of the job itself, that is, the salary and benefits. Is the… Read More »

How to Handle Relocating to a New Job

Relocating to a new job can be one of the biggest stressors you will face. It is an immense change, and there is a lot to do and get used to. So, if you find yourself in this position, here are a few tips to make the transition a little easier. 1. Use a mover.… Read More »