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How to Take the Pain Out of Hiring

Hiring Pain Points - Opti Staffing

When companies have trouble with their hiring process, it is usually in one of the following areas. Here are some common problems firms encounter when looking for new employees and what companies can do to improve the situation. 4 Hiring Pain Points You Don’t Need To Face Alone 1. Hiring managers are poor interviewers. Interviewing… Read More »

The Hot Summer Months and Your Employee Wellbeing

The Hot Summer Months and Your Employee Wellbeing - Opti Stafing

It’s no secret that productivity drops off over the summer – as much as 20 percent according to some studies. There are a number of reasons for this. One of the more obvious causes is the weather. It’s a little harder to focus on your work when the sun is shining outside, and there is… Read More »

The Hard Skills and the Soft Skills Matter – Here’s Why

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Hard skills, soft skills – what exactly are they? Hard skills are the technical skills, the kinds of abilities based on objective, clear-cut, unchanging knowledge. They are the ability to manipulate the tangible world of objects. Examples of hard skills are accounting and finance, engineering, coding, construction design. Soft skills are more amorphous and open… Read More »

How to Manage Your Emotions During an Interview

Interviews are stressful. There is a lot riding on them. Because they are so important, job candidates naturally go through a range of emotions depending on how the interview is going – excitement, satisfaction, anxiety, nervousness, agitation, frustration, and doubt, just to name a few. To perform well, however, it is important to have control… Read More »

Trusting Your Team is an Underutilized Leadership Trait – Here’s Why It Matters

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There are certain core values that are necessary for any group to function. Trust is an important one. Without trust, cooperation and collaboration are impossible. But trust exists along a continuum. There are degrees of trust. The bonds of trust among people can be strong or weak. You may be willing to trust a person… Read More »

Prepping for a Virtual Job Interview?

Job Interviews conducted by video are now common practice among companies. Most do it as a way to access more candidates, screen them more quickly, and save time and money doing it. So, if you are doing a job search, you are more than likely going to encounter this type of interview. Here’s how to… Read More »

Afraid of Negative Reviews? Three Tips to Responding to Less Than Flattering Online Reviews for Your Business

How Should You Respond to Negative Online Reviews? Opti Staffing

From time to time, no matter how hard you try, you are going to get negative reviews online. You just cannot please everybody all the time. When this happens, how should you respond? The first thing to keep in mind is that you definitely should respond. Ignoring the situation will only make matters worse because… Read More »

Discreet Job Seekers – How to Look for a New Job While Employed

Discreet Job Seekers – How to Look for a New Job While Employed Opti Staffing

Looking for another job while you are employed is a tricky situation. You need to do it – employers prefer to hire people who are already employed because it gives the hiring manager confidence in the person’s ability. At the same time, you don’t want your current employer to find out because that will create… Read More »

Social Media in the Workplace – Do You Need a Policy for Your Employees?

Social Media in the Workplace – Do You Need a Policy for Your Employees? Opti Staffing

The answer to that question is an emphatic yes. Employees are going to be on multiple social media platforms, and, like it or not, where they work is likely to enter the conversation. So the reputation of the company is at stake. It is obviously better to be proactive than reactive, so you can prevent… Read More »

Staying Current – How Often Should I Update My Resume?

Staying Current – How Often Should I Update My Resume? Opti Staffing

All job searches begin — and sometimes end — with the resume. It is the lynchpin. It gets the whole thing started. If it is good, you may get to the interview stage. If it is not, you have to begin again. So it is vital that your resume is up to date. And that… Read More »