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Interviewing the Downshifting Candidate

Have you been coming across more and more resumes of people who appear to be “overqualified” for your open positions? Before tossing them aside as a) people who are out of work who are desperate for any job and/or b) candidates who are willing to take work for which they’re overqualified until they can find… Read More »

An Alternative to Exit Interviews

Often, companies conduct exit interviews when employees are leaving. These interviews are designed to find out the employee’s opinion about the operations of the company. But one problem with the exit interview is that it is after the fact, after an employee has already decided to leave, and so is of little use in retention… Read More »

8 No Brainer Mistakes Job Interviewees STILL Make

With the abundance (some might say overabundance) of job interview advice available online today, you’d think that job candidates would never make the kinds of interview mistakes job hunt advice columns continually advise against. But you’d be wrong. Read below for mistakes job seekers STILL make during interviews (slap forehead and cry “Duh!”). Not wearing… Read More »

Overcoming the Shame of Being Unemployed

Just about everyone, no matter how skilled at his or her job, no matter how valuable to an employer, will, at least once during a career, become unemployed. What’s more, unemployment can happen at any time, at any point in one’s career. Unfortunately, our society often forgets this and looks down on those who have… Read More »

The Importance of Highlighting Your Soft Skills

When putting together a resume, you naturally want to focus on your accomplishments and the skills, knowledge, and experience you have gained. This is all well and good but job seekers too often neglect another aspect, another part of themselves. This part encompasses the so-called soft skills, the attributes that make up your character and… Read More »

How to Combat the “Overqualified” Label

“I’m afraid you’re overqualified for this position.” When a hiring manager says this, what he usually means is that he’s worried you’re looking to take a job – any job – to tide you over until a better one comes along, and that you’ll leave quickly as soon as one does. Read below for some… Read More »

Job Search Habits to Kick to the Curb

Looking for work can be hard enough even when you do it right; so don’t add to the effort by engaging in the following bad habits too many of us indulge in when on the hunt for new employment. Thinking too much of yourself. That is: Arrogance. There’s nothing wrong with confidence, but be careful… Read More »