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How to Find Some Breathing Room

These days, people are busier than ever at work. They have more to do, more communications to keep up with, more coming at them during a busy work day. In the midst of all this busyness and stress, it is more important than ever to find ways to step back, to find a little calm… Read More »

How to Improve Well Being and Work Performance Through Writing

We are all looking for ways to improve our physical and mental health because this will enable us to perform better at our jobs and enhance our personal life as well. Through research, psychologists have discovered that there is one simple thing you can do each day that will in fact help to greatly improve… Read More »

A New Route to Success

In our quest for success, most of us follow a formula that we simply assume to be true, one that has been anointed by conventional wisdom as the way to achieve. This formula says we should work harder and longer than the competition, work intensely, don’t stop or give up, look and plan ahead, and… Read More »

How to Stay Focused

Staying focused and on a task is harder than ever these days. One big reason for this is technology. We are constantly bombarded with tweets, text messages, emails, and advertisements. Our attention is constantly pulled from one thing to another. In fact, research conducted by Microsoft revealed that the average person’s attention span is just… Read More »

How to Make Your Social Media Site Recruiter Friendly

Social media has become an important place for people who want to advertise themselves and advance their career. Companies and recruiters routinely sift through sites like LinkedIn to look for people they might want to hire. That is why it is important for your social media site to be professional looking and recruiter friendly. Unfortunately,… Read More »

Multitasking and Mindfulness

Multitasking is not as popular as it used to be. But there are still many businesses and people who do it, perceiving it as a way to keep up in the fast-paced business world, a way to be productive and efficient. People who say they are multitasking may believe they are doing several things at… Read More »

How to Keep Your Brain Healthy

Tis the season for making resolutions for the new year. Many resolutions revolve around our health – a resolution to eat better, or get the gym more often. These are noble goals. But in making your resolutions, you shouldn’t overlook another part of your body – your brain. Brain research has been getting a lot… Read More »

How to Strategize for Your Job Search

There are reams of information out there about searching for a job – how to write a resume and cover letter, how to interview, how to network. Much of this information, however, focuses on the nuts and bolts of the job hunting process, the tactics and techniques of the search. Before you get involved in… Read More »

How to Get Motivated to Exercise

The value of exercise is undisputed. It is one of the most potent things we can do for our health, mentally, physically and even spiritually. Its benefits are pretty much unmatched. While we all recognize the benefits of exercise, many of us don’t take advantage of it. We seldom seem to find the time to… Read More »

How to Reduce Stress Over the Holidays

Everyone knows that stress levels go up over the holidays. There is so much to do, in addition to the demands of work, that people feel they never have enough time. They get caught up in the race, and as a result, the holidays become a time of frustration, affecting our mood and work performance,… Read More »