Simple Tips to Help You Become the Leader Your Employees Want

You want to have employees who are motivated, productive and innovative. You know that there are many different kinds of incentives to help with this – from salary, benefits and professional growth opportunities to a supportive company culture. But motivating employees begins with you, the person in charge. If you want employees who work hard… Read More »

Five Ways to Optimize Your Job Postings

  Job descriptions are often very dull, boring reads. They often look like laundry lists of required skills and job duties. The writing is an uninspired, just-the-facts recitation that plods along. They are a real turn-off for job seekers, who mostly skim over them or skip them completely, put off by the large, imposing blocks… Read More »

Spring into Action: 10 Signs You Are in the Wrong Job

Are you feeling dissatisfied at work? There are many different reasons for such frustration – problems with a supervisor, coworkers, workload or performance expectations. But your feelings could be caused by the job itself and the work you have to do. How can you be sure if this is the reason for your irritation? Here… Read More »

Exploring & Defining Our Motto: Purpose

  It has been our pleasure, in the course of our recent installments, to discuss our 2019 theme: Momentum with Passion and Purpose. We’ve heard how one of our best salespeople finds Momentum and maintains it throughout her daily activities. Our staff at large has chimed in to share why they are Passionate about the… Read More »

Exploring & Defining Our Motto: Passion

Continuing our exploration of Opti Staffing’s 2019 theme, Momentum with Passion and Purpose, we are going to delve into Passion and how the employees of Opti define and apply this concept in their day-to-day work. Specifically, we’ve asked our team members to share what part of their work sparks passion within them. Unsurprisingly, many Opti… Read More »

Exploring & Defining Our Motto: Momentum

Now that we’ve defined our annual motto, let’s take a closer look at the themes contained in “Momentum with Passion and Purpose”. Together they make up a bold attitude that keeps us focused on our standards. Taken separately, however, these ideas are no less vital and dynamic in their applications. Let’s start at the very… Read More »

Phone Interview Skills All Job Seekers Should Have

Employers often conduct preliminary interviews over the phone, especially if the job candidate is located in an area some distance from the office. The phone interview is a quick and inexpensive way to screen candidates. The hiring manager basically wants to get some idea of what a candidate like you is like, learn a little… Read More »

Why Reference Checking Won’t Lose Its Importance in the Hiring Process

Conducting reference checks is a high priority once hiring managers have finished interviews and want to find out about a candidate from those they work with. These checks are an important final step that should not be neglected. References can really help give a more complete and accurate picture of a job candidate. Some candidates… Read More »

Five Everyday Tips and Tricks to Build Time Management Skills

Everyone is trying to be more productive. To improve your schedule and help your team out, you need to have good time management skills. Time is limited and valuable, so you need to get the most out of each minute. Looking for some tried-and-tested time management techniques? 1. Maintain a schedule. To make sure certain… Read More »

Introducing Our 2019 Motto: Momentum with Passion and Purpose

  As Opti Staffing approaches its twentieth year in business, it is more important than ever that we keep focused on those values and standards that have brought us this far. We are a company built on the interests of our candidates as well as our clients. We prize customer satisfaction over bottom lines and… Read More »