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The Interview Handshake — A Critical Moment

In preparing for a job interview, experts advise paying as much attention to your appearance and demeanor as you do to researching the company and practicing your sales pitch. You need to watch your hygiene and dress, as well as your body language. You want to appear confident and professional. There is, however, one small… Read More »

Asking the Right Questions

During the interview process, career experts all counsel that the person being interviewed needs to ask questions about the job they are applying for and about the company. Not doing so gives the hiring manager the impression that you aren’t really interested in the job. Asking questions also gives the candidate the opportunity to show… Read More »

Tips to Get the Job You Want

It seems that as the Internet has grown, so has the number of web sites and other portals offering job hunters foolproof advice for finding a job. The job market is in a constant state of flux, and so advice that may have applied in the recent past may now be considered obsolete. So, in… Read More »

Acing the Job Interview

There is a lot of advice out there on how to do well at a job interview. But, because of the changing nature of workplaces, the needs of employers, and the workforce itself, some of the advice is a little shopworn, confusing and sometimes contradictory. What career experts advise is that you need to help… Read More »

Sprucing Up Your Skills

In today’s business climate, self-improvement is no longer optional. We need to be continually improving if we want to make ourselves marketable to employers or if we want to get ahead in our career. Acquiring new skills is essential. So, we know what we need to do, but what is the best way to go… Read More »

When You Lack the Experience for Your Dream Job…

It’s the decades-old conundrum: you need a job but you don’t have a lot of experience and employers want to hire people with experience! So what can you do? Read below for some tips on how to boost your resume when you don’t have a lot of professional experience behind you. Volunteer! If you can’t… Read More »

Learning about a Possible Employer

As you prepare for a job interview, your focus is on answering the employer’s questions, selling your knowledge and skills, as it should be. But it is important to remember that a job interview is a two-way street.  You need to make sure that this is a place where you want to work, a place… Read More »

Leaning into Risk

When they are riding a wave, it is easy to see the differences among surfers. Those with more skill and experience skim along the curl of the water more gracefully and effortlessly. Those with less experience look a little more ungainly as they struggle to stay on the board. But no matter who is surfing,… Read More »

Shooting Yourself in the Foot

Looking for a job is hard enough. But some people make it even harder because of their own shortsighted attitudes and beliefs about the process. For example, career strategist John Lees says some people are convinced they’ve got it all figured out – they know what it takes to get hired, and they need no… Read More »

Social Media and Your Image

Social media has become more important than ever in recruiting. People are posting on Facebook and LinkedIn to burnish their professional reputations. And companies are using these platforms in their hunt for workers. A lot has been written about putting your best foot forward on your Facebook or LinkedIn site. Be careful, the advice goes,… Read More »