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What Not to do at a Job Interview

Career counseling experts have developed lists of job interview necessities, things that you should cover during the interview. But there are also things that you shouldn’t do during an interview. It is important to know what not to do as well as what you should do. Here are some things to steer clear of during… Read More »

Exercise Improves Brain Function

If you want to improve your performance and productivity at work, one sure way to do that is by getting more exercise. Research has shown that exercise helps our minds as well as our bodies. It actually helps improve our cognitive capabilities. Recent research has shown that people who exercise regularly have better brain function… Read More »

How to Stay Healthy While Job Hunting

Looking for work is hard work in itself. It can be frustrating and stressful. During this stressful time, you want to make sure that you take care of yourself, both physically and mentally. After all, you cannot look for a job effectively if you are not healthy yourself. Here are a few things to keep… Read More »

The Advantages of Diversity in a Workforce

When you interview for a job, you want to make sure the company is a good fit for you. Does the company share your values? Does it have an environment you would find conducive to doing your best work? An important part of that consideration is the people who work at the company. For many… Read More »

How to Deal with Setbacks

At some time or another, we will experience failure. It is inevitable. We all make mistakes. So, how we respond to setbacks is important. The word for it is resilience, and it is this resilience which, in the long run, might make the difference between our ultimate success or failure in life. Resilience is bouncing… Read More »

How to Solve a Problem

There is a well known quote from Albert Einstein about solving problems which goes something like this: If he were given one hour to save the world, Einstein said, he would spend the first 55 minutes defining the problem, the the last five minutes to come up with a solution. While that ratio may be… Read More »

How to Make the Most of a Networking Opportunity

You are at a convention or some type of social gathering. It’s an excellent opportunity to do some networking, to possibly cultivate some new clients. So, how do you make the most of the situation? Here are a few tips from the experts. 1. Don’t start the conversation with a job title. When you begin… Read More »

How to Develop Good Work Habits

Everyone has bad habits, at work and at home. We allow ourselves to fall into them bit by bit, almost imperceptibly at the beginning, until they begin to have an unwanted effect on our behavior. When we try to get rid of them, however, we usually take an all or nothing approach. We try to… Read More »

How to Handle Deadlines

Deadlines are something that just about everyone has to deal with. They are pretty much a fact of life at work. We have deadlines to make sure we get things done. So, deadlines are generally assumed to be necessary. And they do enable us to get things done. But there are problems inherent in the… Read More »

How to Make a Good Presentation

In many jobs, it is necessary from time to time to talk in public, to give a speech. Some do this well – their talks are organized, persuasive, and interesting. Others are not so good at it – their speeches are rambling and dull. What is it that separates the two? It is using rhetoric… Read More »